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          Industrial Control System
          Distributed Control System DCS
          Programmable Logic Controller
          Other products
          High-Voltage Inverter
          Urban Rail Traffic Automation
          The water supply and drainage processCement
          SteelUrban rail transport
          Trademark ¡°Xinhua Control¡± passed the review of Shanghai Famous Brand Certification in March 20142014-06-12
          Retrofitting project of Unit #1 (320MW) of Huaibei Guoan Power Plant put into operation on Nov 28, 2013.2014-06-12
          Retrofitting project of Unit #2 (600MW) of Shanghai Wujin Second Power Plant put into operation on March 10, 2014.2014-06-12
          Xinhua Group won the bid of 2*660MW oil-fired gas power station project of Iraq Salah Al-din in November 2013.2014-06-12
          Products and Services of Xinhua Group have been highly appraised by clients for many times.2011-08-29
          China arranged the work for energy conservation and emission reduction of this year.2009-08-06
          The construction of Chengdu Metro Line 4 would be commenced this year, starting from Wenjiang and ending at Xihe.2009-08-06
          The planning of industrial adjustment and invigoration would be implemented extensively2009-08-06
          China ranked 4th in the global market of wind energy.2009-08-06
          National Bureau of Energy: A new plan of energy development is about to be staged.2009-08-04
          The application of Xinhua TiSNet-P600 in Cement Phase II
          The application of Xinhua TiSNet-PLC400 in sewage treatment plant
          Shanghai urban mass transit and its auxiliary projects
          The application of TRT in No.2 blast furnace in Iron works
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